Collagenic Masks

ut-glass rystalline Collagenic Masks EASTROSE for The Home Care

Action: The mask for any type of skin. Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, normalising fabric structure, gives to skin the elasticity, smoothness and elasticity, intensively humidifies skin, improves microblood circulation, promotes penetration of active substances into deep layers of a skin. Restores water balance of a skin, normalises activity of melanocytes (pigmentary stains disappear).

Application: Clean your face, develop the packing, take a transparent crystal face pack, put on the face, remove after 20-30 minutes. There is no necessity to wash your face after mask application. After application put the mask accurately back in the packing and putin a cool place.

Masks from the pressed collagen are gifts of the nature and of the new technologies. Crystal collagen is the active participant of process of restoration of fabrics and it stimulates updating of own collagen of skin. Differentleveled influence of components of mask allows to render deep lifting action, intensively humidifies skin, stimulates the intercellular exchange and regeneration of cages, it strengthens skin turgor.


After mask application the valid rejuvenating effect with improvement of appearance of skin and microcirculation of liquids is observed. The elements containing in mask under the influence of a body temperature gradually are dissolved, get into deep layers of a skin, giving to skin additional elasticity, whiteness, food;
Because of fitting closely and of the thermoeffect more than 93 % of the nutrients containing in a mask, are absorbed in skin. After application additional clearing of face which allows active substances to remain longer to a skin surface is not required, raising efficiency of procedure. Because of the maintenance the part of mask special substance NMF is the natural humidifying factor of skin optimum humidifying of a blanket epidermis is provided. There is a pleasant sensation of comfort and freshness andof the tone raises.

Crystal Collagenic face masks EASTROSe have strengthening and toning up effect, stimulate synthesis of own collagen, strengthen and correct a face contour, level skin relief.

We represent 4 kinds of crystal collagenic masks.

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