Key Game

A Universal Game, it is irreplaceable at the decision of any vital problemsby means of found individual "Key". This Game of the first meets each interested person on a way to the Friendly World.

The Game is intended for detection of an exit from any "desperate" situation. It represents a black box . You can enter there with any theme, a question, hope, complexity, and dream. Everything inside boils and moves: cards, ideas, feelings, symbols

At the exit: the individual and exact recipe showing a point of application of force for change of any situation to best, that point about which Galileo Galley spoke: Give me it, and I will turn the Earth over .

During a Game invisible, not understandable, not felt becomes visible, and impossible is absolutely real.

Besides cleanly pragmatical purposes, Game can be used:
1. In qualities of sacral means for dialogue with Great;
2. For personal and spiritual development;
3. Simply for entertainment.

Attention! During a Game and after fine Miracles can happen!

Quantity of participants: one for an individual Game, from two five for a small group, from 6 up to 17 for an average group, from 18 indefinitely for a big group.
Time of Game: 2 hours + (-) 1 hour.
More in details about the Friendly World and its intercessors
Seria GAMES of the FRIENDLY WORLD is a way of dialogue with the Unknown.
These techniques are radically different from trainings by means of which an opening occurs by the participant of individual internal reserves, features and vital approaches which are answers to any questions, and, answers which are not standard, and with individual nuances, gone through by the person from within.

Key game

Each participant receives the answer on actual for him, but probably meaningly not formulated questions, and also an individual key to the decision of the problems. Quantity of participants: from 1 to 6. Duration 1,5-3 hours.

Spheres of application of game:

1. Hold by the leader for one person, game represents psychological consultation on any questions in the form unusual and new to practical psychology a board game, with psychological cards, a bone, courses and other attributes of board games.
2. Hold for group of strangers it allows everyone to solve by means of other participants own problems of internal and external dialogue, and any problems without restriction. Each participant can adjusta degree of depth of disclosing at will.
3. Hold for group of the people incorporated, for example, by a common cause, promotes the deep dialogue cleared of slags, understanding of motives and intentions each other, to the sanction of secret and obvious conflicts, rallying and the decision of actual problems for group.
4. Hold for two people incorporated, for example family, the general business, romantic and other relations, game freshens these relations, removes barrier on a way, inspires and gives force.

If the idea to play in Key game has born in your heart, - call 788-3-777, we shall agree about time convenient for everybody!

The description of Games of the Friendly World

1. Principles of Games

Game consists of the same principles, as a worth Game which is named the Life, and even big Game which ancient named Lila, or Divine Game. The player, entering Game, does not know these principles, and only in process of Game all of them as multi-coloured slices of a mosaic, develop in uniform, wonderful, beauty extreme, granting sensation of inspiration and rise a picture.

It becomes more obvious when you play longer, that a Game is friendly to the Player and, softly withdrawing him from the limited world of the ordinary, incessantly advances in the Friendly World.

It is impossible to leave Game, when you meaningly have begun it. The player can shut eyes to the Game and the role in it. The Game will proceed, but at a unconscious level.

Game has arisen in 2005 as the form of spiritual and psychological support and dialogue. In the certain measure it is the alternative to psychological consultations and trainings of personal development. One of its differences is that the client doesnt participates, but the Player.

Players on a level of their spirituality and sensibleness can be divided into three groups.

The first group the Near Circle are people reaching; looking the best ways; responsible for the acts; at the moment of Game require spiritual support. And they receive it from a Game in the form of inspiration.

The second group the Average Circle are interested; despaired, but not fallen; tossing and doubting. Their approach to Game basically practical, is rational-consumer to solve the psychological problems by means of Game on which they look as at a medicine for their troubles. A level of consciousness of the Average Circle is average, that is not low up to such degree to accuse someone of own difficulties, but also not such high to take up the responsibility for everything happening with them. Game renders them psychological support in the form of inspiration.

The third group the Distant Circle the passers-by who are curious, the casual witnesses of Game who are not realizing their participation to it. But it is. A Game is to the Distant Circle as a sign, as call, as a hint on something expecting in the future. People of the Distant Circle consider the life quite safe, without problems and personal mistakes. Illusion of own faultlessness does their almost insensible by a life of other people. While Games of the Friendly World are inaccessible, incomprehensible, difficult, abstruse, boring, silly for them. But if Game will touch souls of such passer-by he stops, and the Game gives him the SMILE.

2. About what is a Game

In brief, about the Person from the big letter and about his role in the modern world. Entering into a Game, you automatically become the creator of the Friendly World. For the period of a Game you descend from the personal orbit and get into an orbit of the Friendly World. Game enters you gradually and inevitably into the world of other relations, concepts, estimations. Here you love, feel pity, give smiles, share secret. The Game is about pleasure, about ease, about force of humanity, about a reality of the Friendly World.

The Symbol of Game is a Mountain. A condition of rise is the main prize of Game.
It is considered to be lost if you are disappointed or indifferent.

4. The Sense of a Game

The sense consists that during a Game the participants will feel how to solve, see principles on which there is a Game, and to use them in the Life for they are identical.

The Participant receives a reference point (spiritual, psychological, material or other) because of help of the Game by means of which it becomes clear: what to do? Where to search? Where to address?, etc.

For Players of the Near Circle sense of Game in the Game, as process of friendly dialogue. After Game of the decision of difficult vital problemsare as though by itself.

For Players of the Average Circle sense of Game is in reception of fast results, in execution of desires. For example: has played on money , has received a key - "Freedom", and you can consider that one of these days money will appear. We explain to not informed "average" Players: magic, plot, by guessings we are not engaged. Game has other purpose spiritually-personal development, growth of Humanity in the Person, consolidation of the Friendly World in consciousness and concrete actions of Players. If expecting from Game of a god-send listen to these words very much can happen, that he will receive it. Its not important when, even and in a following life. If remains unshakable in the aspiration of magic reception of all blessings on Game he does not come any more, than and confirms the status the Average.

The Distant Circle does not accept active participation in Game, but it can play with him, having forced to stop and glance himself. It can happen, that he will not find anything there. And it will be his first course in Game.

6. Game Rules

Game rules in advance are unknown to anybody, except the Master and the Keeper. For Players they become clear during a Game, but specially they are not stipulate. Each Player is free to formulate them by himself. The master does not create rules, he simply knows them and conducts Game on them.

7. The Purpose of Game
To touch the Friendly World
To enter into the Friendly World
To become a part of the Friendly World

8. Result

The result is individual and connected with inquiry. It can be the answer to a question, understanding, vision of the invisible, any knowledge, new life experience, and different ways of thinking and behaviour and, as investigation, change of a negative situation to the best.

A Game releases, expands consciousness, offers an exit, gives force, make wonders.

The best result: the Player continues Game, but already with the Life or with the Soul. Thus he meaningly enters into a game condition, follows Game, overcoming the tests offered by Game because of what he reaches in the ordinary what was difficult or in general impracticable easily.

Even higher result: a Game as philosophy, style of a life. In this case a Game becomes a mean, and a life and own soul a subject of studying and the appendix of a creative power. The player knows, that he will never comprehend neither that, nor another, but as the child who has received a magic toy, continues to play with it again and again as it has the big sense for him and is brought with huge satisfaction and pleasure.

The most practical result of Key Game is a finding a key which allows the Player to learn and find out doors-obstacles on its Way.

9. Variants of a Game
1. The deepest variant is a Game with the Master (one Player).
2. A Game in small group (3-4 persons), everyone with the inquiry.
3. A Game in group up to 12 persons on the general theme offered by Game. Thus playing and own theme is possible.
4. A Television variant of Game: three groups of Players participate simultaneously. Each Circle (group) conducts own Game.

10. Other Games of the Friendly World

Open. It gives out the individual recipe for the decision of any vital complexity.
Terrible. It allows to find out face to face the main fear and to enter with it in realized "fight".
Fantastic. It allows realizing the script of a life the Player and a role which he plays. The sensibleness translates the Player from a role of the executor in a role of the co-author.
Happy. to see a way, to learn, whether that is a way and if it is, to understand what stirs and what helps to a movement.
Communicative. It is a special language (parent language) by means of which it is possible to communicate, for example: with parts of a body, souls of the organizations of people, with such abstract concepts, as love, fear, time , and as with trees, stars, a wind.
Healthy. Offers an individual way to healing.
Game in Beads. Cards of the Friendly World participate in a Game. A Game is devoted to Herman Gesse's memory. It allows touching an essence disappearing behind any burning form.

Organizing committee of Games of the Friendly World:
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