The full Catalogue of Games of the Friendly World

"DM" is a Friendly World. All games, trainings and etc., designated in the catalogue, take place under aegis of the Friendly World.

It is possible to take advantage of any service of DM-CATALOGUE in case the Player has received result in Key Game.

1 Key Game

The price: 3000rub. - individually, 1500rub. - in group from 2 person.

A Universal Game, it is irreplaceable at the decision of any vital problemsby means of found individual "Key". This Game of the first meets each interested person on a way to the Friendly World. (see the detailed description of Key Game, history of creation and the resume of the author ).

Amount of participants: from one up to five small group, from 6 up to 17 average group, from 18 indefinitely big group.
Duration: 2 hours + (-) 1 hour.

2 Open Game

The price: 3000rub. - individually, 1500rub. - in group from 2 person.

Gives out the individual recipe for the decision of any vital complexity. It brings players closer to realize the Matrix (more in detail see the Encyclic 2).

Amount of participants: 1 in individual and a maximum 5 in a corporate variant.
Duration: 2 hours + (-) 1 hour.

3 Terrible Game

The price: 3000rub. - individually, 1500rub. - in group from 2 person.

It allows to find out to face the main fear and to enter with it in realized "fight".

Amount of participants: 1-2 persons.
Duration: 2 hours + (-) 1 hour.

4 Fantastic Game

The price: 3000rub. - individually, 1500rub. - in group from 2 person.

It allows to realize the script of the Player life and a role which he plays. Sensibleness translates the Player from a role of the executor in a role of the co-author.

Amount of participants: from 2 up to 5 person.
Duration: 2 hours + (-) 1 hour.

5 Happy Game

The price: 3000rub. - individually, 1500rub. - in group from 2 person.

It allows to see a way, to learn, whether that is a way and if it is, to understand what stirs and what helps to a movement.

Amount of participants: from 1 up to 5 person.
Duration: 2 hours + (-) 1 hour.

6 Communicative Game

The price: 3000rub. - individually, 1500rub. - in group from 2 person.

The most thin and high from all existing now.

It is a special language (parent language) by means of which it is possible to communicate, for example: with parts of a body, souls of the organizations of people, with such abstract concepts, as love, fear, time , and as with trees, stars, a wind. Game is a good basis for Correct Action (in more detail see the Encyclic 1) and a harmonious exit from any difficult situation.

Amount of participants: 1-2 persons.
Time of carrying out: 2 hours + (-) 1 hour.

7 Game in beads.

Cards of the Friendly World participate in Game.

Game is devoted to Herman Gess's memory. It allows touching an essence disappearing behind any burning form.

8 Game Travel with the Master

The price: 6000 rub., it is repeated 4000 rub.

1.The player chooses forthcoming important event for itself and the purpose which he wishes to reach as a result.
2.The master together with the Player participates in this event as a shadow of the Player. The minimal means the Master assists the Player to enter into a harmonious condition, to keep it, to accept responses of a life to actions and conditions of the Player, and to react effectively to Game of the Life.
3.The analysis after the event (it is possible in the form of Key Game or without it).


1.The player reaches the purpose.
2.The player receives practical skill of Game with the Life for the further independent Game.

The note: this algorithm can be disposable, and can be played some times until the necessary result for the Player will be reached.
Quantity of participants is from 4 to 16 persons.

9 Game Destination

The price 1000rub.

The Game pulls together people and opens them in a new fashion; therefore it is especially useful to those who wishes to learn better the relatives, for example children or colleagues. Also game is important to everyone whom the question of individual applicability interests, personal development. Can be used for the purposes of corporate development.

The cascade of fascinating games and analytical sessions depending on readiness of participants will allow someone to realize the applicability, someone to take a way of realizing or to touch this great sacrament where it is possible to be not a puppet, but with the colleague. Game is a good prelude for training the Matrix.

Amount of participants: from 6 up to 16 person.
Duration: 3 hours + (-) 30 minutes.

10 Game Transformation

The price: 1000rub.

Game is intended for those who is going to take steps aside personal development for change of the life for the best.

Any changes begin in a thin small house of our soul and are frequently imperceptible for us. Game will help to make this process obvious and operated, and also will create conditions for small and big personal revelations and transformations.

Amount of participants from 3 up to 16
Duration 3 hours + (-) 30 minutes.

11 Training "the Matrix"

The price: contractual

The original system approach basing on creative, game, right hemisphere methods, combined with analytical sessions which allow realizing of an individual or corporate Matrix.

The matrix is the dynamic multilevel model underlying everything what the person does, and everything, what happens with him. More in detail about the Matrix see the Encyclic 2

Perception of the Matrix can lead to an establishment of conscious contact to the Source of Boundless Resources.

Training can be used as effective means for the decision of strategic problems of corporate development.

Duration: 20 hours.
Amount of participants: from 4 up to 16 people.

12 Individual analysis of interactions (Game) with the Life.

The price: 3000rub.

It is possible by means of Key Game or without it. Enables to see the true reason of an event and a way of an output from any complexsituation.

Time in a way: 2-3 hours.

13 Constant telephone contact to the Master of Game. 500rub for a week.

14 Revelation of Your Individual Matrix
The price: 3000rub.
The player together with the Master of Game takes place in special algorithm which allows realizing the Matrix.

Perception of the Matrix, depending on readiness of the Player, can answer on any of the most burning question, or advance the Player on qualitatively other level of personal development, where absolutely other problems, resources, opportunities and absolutely other life is. In unusual cases it can be compared to "rebirth".
More in detail about the Matrix see the Encyclic 2
Time in a way 2-3 hours.


Business Pack of Friendly World Games ( 40000 rub.)

There are many usual ways of increasing the efficiency of business and for the exit from crisis situations. There are businesses for which usual ways are inefficient. For such cases DM-GAMES approach. The essence of DM-GAMES consists that as a result of Game participants get access to storehouse of resources which were not realized earlier, both individual, and corporate, and as skills of independent use of these resources for the purposes.

Algorithm of interaction.

1. Conversation with the Master for an inquiry formulation. .
2. A Key Game with the first person of firm or in small group.
3. The client decision of concerning interaction continuation.
4. In case of the positive decision drawing up the individual pack, signing of the contract and payment product.
5. The general meeting with the first person and with named by him Players (no more than 4) for formation of individual and corporate inquiries.
6. Open Game, individually with everyone.
7. Constant telephone contact with the Master of Game.
8. The individual analysis of post-Game (one meeting with everyone after Game).
9. The general meeting with all Players for data of individual decisions and recipes in one corporate plan.
10. Total meeting with the first person.
11. Telephone consultations of the first person of the company with the Master (communication remains and after the lapse of three months without payment).

Cost of services at purchase separately (without a package) 52000 rubles.
Period of validity: to the gain, but no more than three months.

Carrying out of individual Key Games with the employees who will be chosen by a management for their encouragement and personal development is possible.

Family Pack of Friendly World Games ( 30000 rub.)

The family is a uniform organism. If someone in a family requires a help close people can render it. If you agree with it, but you do not know how to make it, DM-GAMES will help You and Your relatives to find what is necessary for you.

Algorithm of interaction:

1.Meeting of an interested member of a family with the master of Game for an inquiry formulation.
2.A Key Game for the whole family.
3.After that the family makes the decision of concerning a Game continuation if the result is received.
4.The Selection of DM-GAMES from the catalogue (for the sum of 37000 rubles at payment 30000).
5.Signing the Contract.
6.Continuation of interaction to the gain.
7.Constant telephone contact to the Master of Game.

Cost: 30000 rubles
Period of validity: to the gain, but no more than three months.

Individual Pack of Friendly World Games

It represents a possibility to balance any disharmonious vital process.
The head of business can take advantage of Individual pack for the decision of the corporate problems.

Algorithm of interaction:

1.Meeting with the master for an inquiry formulation.
2.Key Game.
3.After that, if the Player has received a result in Game, he makes the decision about concerning continuation.
4.Signing the Contract.
5.Compilation of the Individual pack by means of catalogue of DM-SERVICES. Services are selected for the sum of 19000 rubles at payment of 15000 rubles and for the sum of 37000 rubles at payment of 30000 rubles.
6.Continuation of interaction to the gain.
7.Constant telephone contact with the Master of Game.

Cost: 15000 rubles at statement of purely personal problems and 30000 rubles at statement of business problems.

Period of validity: to the gain, but no more than three months.

"DM" Games - Games of The Friendly World.

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