Responses of the participants of Friendly World Games

Irina, the bookkeeper, 39 years

In our life there are often questions, answers on which we either do not wish to hear, or we can not accept, or simply we do not know how to approach to their decision ...

The Key Game promotes for perception of whether this question really exists and how it is important for you in a condition here and now.

In comparison with other trainings the leader of a Game does not give participants any recommendations and models of behaviour, does not fulfill with them ways of the decision of tasks in view. In a mode "question-answer" participants of a game magically realize their opportunities, pose a problem to themselves, realize relationships of cause and effect as well as because of what quite solved problem facing to them, has complicated their life.

During the game participants receive the Key and the Image by means of which they can PRACTICALLY solve all problems which arise in their life then, and not just during game.

Magic charms of the process, surprising openings which are made by participants during game including as regards they can become not only participantsi, but also leaders - yes-yes - allow all participants of process to receive a charge an energy, to realize the opportunities about the decision of the most complex situations in their INDEPENDENT life.

Irina from Moscow

Vyacheslav, the engineer, 54 years

Amazing. All stages of a game are as a door to yourself. It is useful, necessary, interestingly.

Marina, the general director, 36 years

Friends! I wish to share impressions! More precisely, I should share! After a Key game have happened great changes in my life. I can tell with confidence now: and the life is good and I like to live. Game has found me by itself - probably I have reached that critical point that to name it a deadlock would mean to tell nothing. And here - game, a cave. And further: an exit from deadlock. And it was absolutely close and so is obvious. But I did not see it. Everything has happened by itself. And now, found a way out, I know how to live in this or that situation. And game proceeds! Three months I constantly to it come back. It helps to live in a normal rhythm, to cope with its craziness: if earlier I wrote down in the daily three-four actions, now every minute is planed. But thus I am in time. Play. Play. Play! Marina!

Alexey, the president of the company, 31 year

Games of the Friendly World are very much a lucky find for people who are not satisfied with every possible popular "features". It is for those who to all "pop" (in the worst sense of this word), and mass meeting prefers piece work and qualitative things. It simply and ingeniously! It is deep and serious. A very serious GAME. I still appreciate a Game of the Friendly World and that is our find and it belongs to our people, people with Russian mentality. Western or East technologies in any area are very well, among them there are very worthy finds, but without native inventions a life mosaic of would be faded. Games of the Friendly World the native invention. Also that is magnificent that it is open, and because of the school of Masters of Game it is capable to serve for the goods of very big number of people.

Inessa, executive director, 35 years

First I thought: All right, I shall sit, I shall listen . Me has very much surprised: in process of increasing of game it starts to grasp. Firstly everything is so measured, but then it grasps emotionally, it is full of passions and even intrigues and revelations by itself! Very frank game, unexpectedly frank, and, both for sitting at a table, and for spectators. It has given very much. Some simple and unexpected understanding.

Moscow, Inessa.

Alexey Bondarchuk, the producer, 29 years

Yes, a game was really simply and magnificent, and a game is worthy and remarkable by its nature as it tries to find, reveal and show in the person deep and, as a rule, the best feelings, and they are simple enough - belief, hope and Love - so, from the big letter!

As the producer, I want and will make the film-project together with a team of masters to connect as much as possible familiar and unfamiliar people to us, and, exactly to itself, in aspiration to know than themselves, to open themselves, as much as possible to realize yourself in this life.

As a person, I wish to thank the sky, masters and all those people because of whom these games took place and other, thanks!:-)

Michael, the military, 25 years

A remarkable Game which combines the certain positions of psychology and a science, elements of group interaction. Except for serious results it is still Mystical, Mysterious, Different. Very useful.

Irina Voronova, the children's psychologist, 38 years

There is so much work with subconsciousness In training goes constant struggle against subconsciousness. Here All ingenious is simple! Struggle against subconsciousness does not occur. Everything happens in a relaxation. Game is similar to a guessing on cards, but cards are based on events, and here is a genius of game, it works with your problems.

It gets what is necessary to you, and all is very interconnected and it is logical, I do not how does it work, but it works! My motto to live easily and here through game I have seen, what does not suffice for ease. Very much you want, very much you concentrate and strain, and here it is necessary to release(let off) a situation, to trust in something to the maximum(supreme). We put to ourselves the purposes, we aspire to success, but there is a condition of ease then the success aspires to you. A Game has earned after the session: on the day have received answers to very important questions for me, necessary people appeared by themselves.

I would like to try a collective Game. I would like to play in group Game by myself. I would like to become the Master.

Such games are cheaper, more economical on time, also can even be more effective, than training. In training it is necessary to be really the master the psychotherapist: to be able to open, accept, close, leave on a positive. And Game not for professionals, for intuits. The person really sits with himself and understands. It absolutely answers a principle "do not do much harm". If m a little bit afraid of training, for Game I am absolutely quiet, it is harmless.

Irina Voronova, SPb, 36 year


Simply super! And a situation is completely solved. I did not expect. Everything is inside us, and we are zombied by this world, are strained, and it is necessary to relax and Op! all necessary information has gone.

Halen from St.-Petersburg, 45 years

I have played a " Key Game ". Some days I am under impression. I did not expect that by means of a Game it is possible so deeply to glance in soul, to pull out outside secret fears, doubts and problems.

I could look differently at a problem because of a Game, which worried me for a long time. I have understood, what actually weighs and stirs me in a life.

And I also have seen people changing during a Game. For three hours some people, sitting at one table, became single whole, all experienced the friend for the friend as though are familiar all life. It is surprising!

It will be desirable to play again to find new in yourself and to feel the Friendly World! Thanks.

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