THe Entrance into Friendly World

The Entrance is something, with what it is possible to touch the Friendly World, the world behind an ordinary side. You will ask: why do we need to touch it in general?

Every person development goes in the direction of exits of ordinary limits in which it is possible to survive only, but not to develop. Anyway everyone, who meaningly wishes to develop, for finding resources, senses, the purposes should leave an ordinary side, in the Friendly World. Rescues, an exit from a desperate situation are always there. The Same who meaningly does not wish to develop, but wishes to live simply comfortable in the ordinary, first or last faces absolute obstacles which can look perfect differently (conflicts in relations, repeatability of a negative situation, accident, illness, the impossibility to attain the aim and etc.). And if you want to cope with such insoluble usual problems you need to throw down a challenge to your Life. The EXIT FR ORDINARY LIMITS is unique chance to cope with them. Sometimes it is a question of life.

Великое - Шамбала

Дом - Автопортрет

Дружественный Мир - триптих



Все входы на одном листе

The instruction of travelling to the Friendly World is on this site through the entrances.

Each colour matrix is one of the entrances. Except it there is a black-and-white picture in each entrance, the Message and one small Game, in which it is possible to play with yourself to adjoin the Friendly World, to feel an essence of DM-GAMES. Choose a colour matrix which is the most pleasant to you, and one matrix which is the most unpleasant. Please, consider other available material on this theme: a black-and-white picture, the Message and a small Game.

Black-and-white pictures, Messages and small Games will be placed in entrances of this site very soon.

Positive is a highway of your development, where your soul and heart aspire, where you go, where is your mission, which is given to you from a birth. It is where you scoop a force, inspiration, and you have learnt this, native in the Friendly World.

is your native too, you have recognized it, but this is a test on your way. It is your Life challenge which you should answer, a certain shade, and an obstacle. It is inevitably and it’s given from a birth too. Without this obstacle, without that comprehension what it is, you will not move forward.

If you feel a necessity in support, address to the Master of Game and Play.

The friendly World. A triptych.

Дружественный Мир - Этап первый - Знакомство Дружественный Мир - Этап второй - Благодарность

Дружественный Мир - Этап третий - Сохранение


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