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The Friendly World

  This is meeting place of active, understanding people that there is not less real the Friendly World of thin interrelations of beings, things and events except the visible world.

The Friendly World really exists, in comparison with our ordinary world it is thinner and therefore not all people can realize its presence in life. If a person "sees" by heart, the Friendly World more than is real for him. This world, at desire and readiness to communicate with it, can give to the person what is necessary for him: the forces to someone, the idea to another, to someone hope, council, support of favourite friends, help in difficult vital circumstances. Each person has an embassy in the Friendly World, but not everyone communicate with it. If you are ready and if you wish to make active this communication, Welcome in the Friendly World!

Picture Game of the friendly World,

the author the Keeper of Game Lyubov Sluchevskaja.

There are 50 entrances in the Friendly World. Each Input is presented:

with Lyubov Sluchevskaja`s Picture

with Konstantin Alyoshin`s Drawing

with Victor Murashov`s  Story

with description of this Entrance

In order to behold images of the Friendly World, click addressed the author, or come into section "Creativity".

Series GAMES of the FRIENDLY WORLD: it  is radically different techniques from trainings, which help to open the participant the individual internal reserves, features and vital approaches as a result of what answers to any questions are found, and, answers  are not standard, but with individual nuances and endured by the person from within.

Victor Murashov is the Game author

The Intercessor of affairs of the Friendly World

The Master of Game

About the Master of the Game

Communication with the Master of the Game: -,

Individual talk with  the Master of the Game:

The History of Game Creation.

 He was born the usual child. Usual, but not absolutely: on the eve of a birth his parents had a prophecy, that he will passionately search something the first part of life, and wont find, but at the fortieth birthday will find something, and he becomes the ambassador of two worlds. And it is valid, what he would not do: whether he comprehended subtleties of a diplomatic protocol or the transaction analysis, whether he worked with VIP-clients or carried out trainings, whether he climbed in mountains or travelled in other psychological measurements for personal development, anything did not suit him, anywhere he couldnt find satisfaction and left everything  and everybody as if some unknown force drove him on vital roads further and further, withdrawing there, where nobody knows, and it demanded to find something, what nobody knows. And long passed - awaited birthday has come. Long-awaited for parents and friends: everybody of them knew about a prophecy, except our hero. They knew and waited for something unusual, any break, in general, they were waiting a miracle. The miracle, however, does not happen, but there was a usual dream. After very motley and many-sided holiday exhausted our hero a powerful dream: he sleeps and sees as if goes in some huge endlessly and edges labyrinth, there is around an uncountable set of doors, and each door, swinging open in front of him, shows a way lying behind it.

Here is an easy door of a holiday: any exotic carnivals, noise, din, a dry crash of fireworks, red-nosed clowns, and huge pink soap bubbles.

Safe door of the power: the stood at attention militia, flashers, black limousines, from the sky are strewed banknotes, banknotes, banknotes.

A mysterious door of the scientist: the grey-haired handsome man behind the computer with a purple cloak, the laurel wreath on a head, some mechanisms, something gurgles, puffs, ticks. Under a massive oak table gold ingots roll. All not that, all another's, feet bear by, and further, further.

Suddenly a green wall and a white, white door appear ahead. There is a bronze tablet on a door, it is deduced with intricate ligature on it: the Friendly World. In an instant our wanderer is already inside: the marvellous garden, which is occupied by smiling animals, birds and people. There is a blue sky, a morning sun, a pure stream. A small round antiquarian table, there are 50 unusual cards on it. Somewhere inside a familiar voice says: You have already found your Way. Henceforth the Friendly World is the sense of your existence and the form is Game. When you go astray, recollect cards. Each of them is an entrance to the Friendly World. Simultaneously it is a Game, which will result you and your friends in the Friendly World, and now you are the Intercessor on affairs of the Friendly World in the usual world .

At this moment our hero is woken up absolutely happy, he is full of strength and hopes, with a sensation that the firebird is caught for a tail at last and that everything only begins

 P.S.: In three days the card "Top" and the way to it details has dreamt to our hero. It is the Key Game, painted in it. Much time has passed since then, dreams continue to dream, and work about the materialization of the Friendly World goes at full speed

Game development.

The Game club where Players can communicate is opened.

Now there is a work on matrix-algorithm creation with which the Players wishing after gambling to enter Game with a life, could have help and support.

  There is an idea of creation of Internet game in some prospect. Colleagues are necessary.

  The television version of Game is already developed at project level.

The school of Masters of Game, that is those who will master all cards of the Friendly World will be in the long term created, all Games of the Friendly World, will be the effective Player in lives and the most important thing will create and begins to conduct own Games.

Now more than two Games except Key are created: Open (gives out the individual recipe for the decision of any vital complexity), Terrible (allows to recognize by sight the main fear and to enter with it realized "fight"). Other Games are in different degree of readiness:

Fairy. Allows realizing the scenario of a Player life the and a role which he plays. Sensibleness translates it from a role of the executor in a role of the co-author.

Happy. Allows seeing a way, to learn, whether it is a right way and if it true, to understand what disturbs and what helps for movement.

Communicative. It is a special language (parent language) which helps to communicate not only with people, but also, for example, with body parts, abstract concepts (love, fear, time), and also with trees, stars, andwind.

Game in Beads. It is devoted Herman Gesse's memory. Cards of the Friendly World participate in Game. This game allows touching to an essence disappearing behind any burning form.

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